Attention all science enthusiasts! It’s time to gear up for an exciting initiative that will make you go bonkers with science. Gear up and join us in this exciting adventure to create a world full of curious sparks!

“Curocity” is an ambitious project that aims to create a world full of curious minds and ignite the spark of science in underprivileged girls. Curiosity and science go hand in hand, and Curocity aims to nurture that bond. By providing opportunities and resources to students, we hope to inspire them to become the next generation of scientists and innovators.


Tie up with Schools: We selected 10 Govt High Schools, where there was great enthusiasm to encourage the spirit of science in students.

“Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity.”
– Tim Minchin

Equipment for Science Labs:

Since the labs were not well equipped to conduct different experiments, we donated science kits to the labs in all the 10 schools. By providing science equipment to schools, we are taking the first step towards creating a practical way of teaching science, which will help in simplifying the learning process for the students.

Engaging with Teachers:

We understand the significance of a hands-on approach to learning, and this project aims to foster curiosity in science in children at an early age. We also reached out to Experient Science Labs, a pioneer in enhancing the scientific temper of students, who in turn delivered a workshop for the students and teachers. By providing the right tools, we hope to create a scientific ecosystem that encourages students to pursue STEM careers.

Curious Sparks Contest:

Finally, we launched the Curious Sparks Contest in all the 10 schools. The students were asked to create working models to demonstrate a scientific concept. It was heartening to see a range of amazing projects that the children had put on display. The experiments included all streams of science.

Experiments in Physics ranged from solar cooker, automatic lighting system, Chandrayan-1 working model, generation of electricity using potato, seismograph, vacuum cleaner, electric generator, making of a windmill, electric drone, electric lamp, emergency bell and more. The Chemistry Experiments included making of a vinegar volcano, lemon battery, structure of hydrocarbon and electrons, saltwater conductivity, rainwater harvesting, amongst others. The Biology models showed how the human heart functions, model of the brain, working off the human internal organs, structure of nephron, etc.

Celebrations on National Science Day 2023

In 2022, the team had celebrated Science Day at Shishu Mandir by demonstrating novel science experiments to the entire school ranging from the effect of liquid nitrogen on solids, an AHA moment when a bottle rocketed up the air, gyroscope rotations, elephant toothpaste experiment, with the entire school of 300 students watching in awe.

This has now become an annual event with efforts throughout the year to build towards the contest.

On the National Science Day in 2023, we had our grand celebration to award the winners of the contest. The Science Teachers from all the 10 schools were there and the top experiments from the school were on display. The judges went around and it was heartening to see alarm bells ringing, volcanos erupting, rotors propelling the rocket launch. It was a happy culmination with rewards to the students, teachers, principal and the schools for making ‘Science the DNA of every student’.

Addressing the Students on Science Day

The Grand Science Day Celebration

A Glimpse of the Science Experiments on Display & Celebrations


Shri Renuka High School

Ambedkar School, Kodihalli

Anjanadri High School

B.V.N. High School

Chennakeshava High School

Govt. High School, Varthur

SVP High School

Veerabhadraswamy High School

Sir. M. V. High School

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