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Unsung Heroes: Celebrating Frontline Workers

The Covid-19 pandemic had been a trying time for everyone, but it was especially challenging for those who were on the front lines. From doctors and nurses to grocery store clerks and delivery drivers, frontline workers had been working tirelessly to keep the world running smoothly. The Unsung Heroes campaign sought to recognize and give kudos to these brave individuals.


Here are some of the ways that our initiative made a difference:

Creating Awareness on Digital Media

The Unsung Heroes project started off by creating an Instagram account and a website to showcase the efforts of frontline workers.

Providing Data and Details

To make people aware of the scale of the problem, the project also provided statistics and stories of frontline workers.

Creating Excitement

We created a daily quiz on Instagram stories to inform people about the daily happenings. This quiz generated a lot of responses throughout the week and helped to keep people engaged.

Contest to Show Gratitude

We also launched a card-making competition for the front-liners. The project received many entries, which were then put up on Instagram stories for people to vote. The competition generated a lot of excitement, and the first two winners were awarded prizes.

The Unsung Heroes campaign was a way of giving kudos to the silent workers tiring relentlessly. While the campaign may have ended, it is important to remember that showing gratitude and respect to our front-liners should never stop.

“Kudos to those who continue to fight for a better world, even when the odds seem insurmountable.”


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