Celebrating National Science Day 2022

Our first large scale event was scheduled for Science Day, 2022. A milestone for Four Sparks, a celebration of the marvelous world of Science, and a show-case of the new skills the students of grade 5 at Shishu Mandir now have up their sleeves. We chose this particular day for a few reasons. One was that the school itself was conducting a short assembly dedicated to Science Day. The other was to inform the students of the schools about the upgrades we had made to their Science Lab to facilitate their learning. In addition, we saw this to be the right opportunity for the children we’d taught, to show-off their cube solving skills in front off their entire school. The day began with performances from their students. These included an invention by a student of grade 10 which used the energy consumed in peddling a stationary bike to produce electricity, a song on fruits by students of grade 1, a short play, some trivia on Science Day, and finally a quiz. After the events organised by the school were done, the stage was handed over to Raanan and I. In order to get more involved with the crowd, Raanan and I spoke a few lines about 2 scientists; APJ Abdul Kalam and Marie Curie. This was followed by a few scientific experiments conducted by Mr. Pali. His experiments, especially the ones with liquid nitrogen, blew away the minds off students and teachers alike.
Finally, it was time for the much-awaited cubing competition for the students of grade 5. We divided them into 3 groups. Group 1 consisted of those who could solve the full cube, group 2 had those who could solve till the second layer, and group 3 had those students who could solve until the first layer. All there groups started at the same time, and as they finished, they stood up and formed 3 separate lines in the finishing order, behind their respective groups. Nalin took a jaw-dropping 1:04 to solve the entire cube! Once this thrilling competition came to an end, we were greeted to a few words by Mr. Anand, the principal at Shishu Mandir. Finally, the certificates of participation, as well as the certificates for the winners of the competition were given to the students by Pali uncle, followed by a group picture, filled with brimming smiles of the proud little 5th graders. This day proved to be a stepping stone in Four Sparks’ agenda to develop 21st century skills in students, as well as pass them on to the community. We are proud to have been a part of the Science Day celebrations at Shishu Mandir, and are very excited to have more such events in the future!