4 Sparks goes Online with Quizzes and Logical Games

Due to the unprecedented arrival of the third wave of Covid-19, we were unable to visit the children in-person at the school. However, we didn’t let this stop us. We got in touch with the teacher to help us reach the students through an online forum.
To begin with, the teacher helped us create a WhatsApp Group with all the children so we could connect with them. We were also given a timetable to conduct online sessions for the children.
On January 29th, we held our first online session! It was a big shift for us all, not seeing each other in person, but we knew it was the most suitable option so, we made the best of the situation. The session started with an introduction to logical puzzles. We created a presentation which consisted of several simple brain games. It was so heart warming to see all of them get the answers right. The session continued with us checking their progress on the cubes. Most of the kids had practiced well and were making really good progress. It was wonderful to see how seriously they all took it upon themselves to teach each other and practice everyday.
After the session we sent videos to help them solve the 3 layers of the cube. They kept sending in updates on how they were doing and asked us questions when they needed help
On the 5th of February, we conducted our second online session. This session started off with internet problems but we were able to resolve these issues quickly and get started with the agenda for the day. We began with another presentation that had jumble words and mind games. These mind games helps enhance learning skills, strengthens memory and improves vocabulary. All the children loved this session and the teacher even said that it reminded her of her childhood days. Everyone felt like a winner after this session.
Session three was on 12th February. As an introduction to the basics of physics we started with teaching the children how to make paper planes. We showed them the easiest method and it was delighting to see the joy on their faces as the made planes for the first time. The aim of this activity was to teach them the science behind how planes worked, we also touched upon the history of an aero plane. The children were fascinated to see the videos we showed them of planes taking off and landing. We ended with answering lots of interesting doubts. We also showed them how to modify their planes as per their fancy to engage them more.