Teaching Kids how to solve the Rubik’s Cube

There are many people who are sitting in their houses during the lockdown and in general doing nothing because they are bored, or they are just looking at screens.
Why is this so important though? Many children around the world waste their time watching screens and lazing around. Because of this, their concentration decreases, they get lazy, they will keep delaying tasks in future etc. This will affect both their present and their future.
Therefore, in the month of March, when schools got closed, I decided to take up teaching apartment children how to solve the cube. I taught small groups of children from the age 5 to 13. After sometime, the lockdown started, so I wasn’t allowed to take classes in the Club House either. But, after watching my mom take her office calls on Office Teams, I realised I could teach them on teams as well. I started teaching 3-4 children everyday for about an hour or two. I taught more than 5 children of my apartment how to solve the cube.
There was this small boy however who wasn’t able to keep up properly. Therefore I also put up a few YouTube videos for those who couldn’t keep up. Because of this, these children now have something productive to do in their free time.
Because of being productive and teaching children how to be productive during the Covid time, I also got mentioned on the Microsoft News Website.